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Interior Design


     Hiring an interior design company is not about having someone impose their ideas on you, it is about working with a professional to create a unique and functional space that reflects your personality and specific needs. 

     At D.Batia Interiors LLC, we are committed to creating interior environments that are congruent with the desires of our clients. Throughout the entire design process, each client is continuously involved in decision-making to ensure that the end results reflect their goals. 

     Formerly known as Merchiston Hall Galleries, we have been open on the Mississippi Gulf Coast for 71 years, and is known for our quality furniture and accessories as well as our service. 

     Our interior design expertise lies in, (but is not limited to) home and office design. We also design restaurants, corporate offices, and hotels. 


   Our designers have years of experience. We are continuously updating our skills to ensure that we are always on the forefront of design trends, techniques and principles.​​

     Let a design specialists help you develop a vision for your interior space. Book a consultation today! 

What to expect when hiring an interior designer

Never hired an Interior Designer Before? Have Questions? We are here to help! 

     **The biggest rewards you get from hiring a designer is that we save you time, money, & frustration. **

You can spend hours, days, or even months looking for furniture pieces, lighting, accessories, or paint colors and finishes.  Or you waste money buying pieces that are the wrong size or style. We do all of that searching and planning for you!


Interior Designers can be very helpful when building a new home or with a renovation. 

  • We can work with your building contractor and sub-contractors on planning your new space. It's called project management.
  •  Whether it's choosing finishes, space planning, lighting plans, furniture plans etc. Sometimes your stuck with what the builder gives you, but if you work with a designer from the beginning we  can give you a good idea of where you're most likely to place your furniture, lighting, etc., then the builder can coordinate around those plans and you're getting exactly what you need in your space.​
  • ​When you walk into a new home all the lighting fixtures, outlets, and other fixtures are placed in general locations.  These are features we can help you plan ahead for. Most builders don't consider floor plugs for lamps set in the middle of a large space. Or, maybe the ceiling fan in the bedroom isn't placed according to where you plan on placing your bed and other furnishings. It's a costly expense to have these relocated or to have them installed new.

You must keep in mind that designing your space is a process. 

  • Unlike TV shows that make it seem like an entire home can be done overnight, this is not the case. 
  • It takes time to come up with an overall design and sometimes we have to have several meetings before a decision is made.
  • Ordering furniture/accessories can take weeks to months. Most companies don't have stock on all their items and there's a standard 4-6 week standard minimum lead time on most custom ordered pieces.

We have an understanding of the Psychology of Colors.

  • Did you know that certain colors can change the way you feel or look?  It's great to have favorite colors but sometimes they don't always suit your space. For instance, a green colored bathroom can make you look sick. It's not the best color to use to make a person look healthy because it reflects badly on most skin tones.

Keeping Up with the Latest Trends

  • It's easy to get caught up with the latest trends and colors that are 'In the Now', but just like fashion, furniture colors and trends aren't meant to last. We get asked what everyone else is doing in their homes, but know that your home needs to reflect your individual style....not your neighbors. ​​​